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Now accepting applications from American teachers interested in joining our mission. Visit our contact page and email us!


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At this time, teams are unable to travel to Haiti, however our training continues.  Check out the work we are doing   

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Actually, this is a mission field you have been preparing for from your first dream to be a teacher, during college, with your first teaching job, every year after, and until today.  You will be training Haitian teachers to use the best practices in education.  Those same practices you have studied and used in your classroom throughout your career.  You've got this!

The rest is up to TEAM TEACH HAITI to prepare you to share your skills in another country and culture.  Currently, we are developing training curriculum (workbooks, videos, etc) to be used by our Haitian training team as they travel to schools in the Dessalines, Haiti area. Prior to your work to develop curriculum for our training program, you will attend several training sessions.    During those training sessions, we will help you prepare for a special area(s) you will be developing for our Haitian teachers.  Also, we will assist you to understand the current mode of education in most Haitian schools and equip you with a good understanding of missions and the Haitian culture.

During your training and participation on the team, we will expose you to scholarly articles about Haitian education, discuss several books written by experts in the area of missions, and enjoy several videos unique to the Haitian experience.  We will help you to understand how God is working in Haiti.   When we are able to safely travel to Haiti again, we will assist you with every step in the travel process from obtaining a passport (your first vital step), securing travel/medical insurance, registering with the State Department, medication for Typhoid and Malaria, what to pack, how to dress, entering Haiti and returning home.  We've got you covered!

Long Distance training 2020.  Our training materials are developed in the United States.  Our Haitian Team delivers the training in Haiti.

Students and teachers on their way to class

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