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Tan Pou Istwa 


200 New books arrived in January

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Children always love Tan Pou Istwa (storytime).  We at Team Teach Haiti are dedicated to encouraging teachers to read to children, older children to read to younger children, and especially to be sure children are exposed to storybooks at a very young age.

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Director of Tan Pou Istwa
Virlande Gaby
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Teacher Marie-Anne Fortune

Unfortunately, the literacy rate in Haiti is  60.7% for the entire population.  This means about 40% of the population is unable to read at a functional level.  Team Teach Haiti desires to help end this generational pattern.  Our training program focuses on the value of education and reading is a vital part of pursuing a successful future.  We are excited to announce the start of our newest program Tan Pou Istwa (story time).  This program will meet 4 afternoons each week following the school day and an additional story time on Saturday.   Children from all around the village of Dessalines are invited to join one of our Tan Pou Istwa groups.

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As we continue to build our Teacher Resource Center, we invite you to purchase books and materials for this vital ministry.  Most books are purchased for less than $20.00.  Go to our donation page and make a donation, or possibly a continuing monthly donation.  Nothing compares to a book for a child!


Movie Day: The Jesus Film for Children

Over 150 children enjoyed the Jesus Film for Children in Creole, their language of origin.  What a fun opportunity to see a movie on a big screen.  What a fun day!

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