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Long Distance Training

So, what do you do when violence and unrest prohibit educational teams from traveling to Haiti to train our Haitian teachers?  You develop Plan B.  Team Teach Global believes God has called us to train teachers in Haiti, but in 2019 (and still continues) civil unrest made it impossible to travel to Haiti.  So, we developed Plan B until we are able to travel again in the near future.  Missing a season of training would be costly to our Haitian teachers, therefore online materials and video training are on the ground in Haiti and our Haitian team is training teachers in Dessalines, Haiti.  Members of our Haitian team came to the United States to receive extensive training in hosting training sessions, online communications, and research techniques for Haitian schools.  After extensive training, these Haitian coordinators returned to Haiti with a computer, computer skills, training handbooks, and supplies.  Workshop seminars will be scheduled during 2019-2020 school year for several schools in the Dessalines area.

In January 2020, our American teachers began developing year two of our training program.  We are pleased to announce training for year 2 is on the ground and our Haitian team members are busy signing up school for training.  Year 2 was implemented in January 2021 in schools that have already finished our first year of training.  Several schools will begin year two, while at the same time, other schools will begin year one.  In 2021, American teachers created training for year 3.  And, again, with great excitement, we announce that year 3 is on the ground in Haiti ready for our team to begin instruction in March 2022  We welcome new American teachers to join our team and assist us as we continue to develop training curriculum for our Haitian teacher training program.  Visit our contact page and send us an email.  


We are excited these seminars can be very portable and offered to any school in Dessalines and surrounding rural areas.  Once it is safe again, we will gladly travel to Haiti to provide face to face training and be reunited with our Haitian friends.  What a great reunion that will be!


Training Topics

"Missing a season of training would be costly to our Haitian teachers".

First Year:

1) The Value of Education

2) Reading

3) Lesson Planning

4) Learning Styles Part 1 and 2

5) How Children Learn to Read  

6) How Children Grow as Readers

7) Reading Comprehension

8) Connecting Reading and Writing

Third Year:

1) Writing With a Purpose

2) Assessment Tools for Understanding Student Growth Part 2

3) Year 1 Training for teachers of secondary students

Second Year:

1) Critical Thinking Skills

2) How to Develop Critical Thinking Skills in Students

3) Using Critical Thinking Skills in Reading Part 1 and 2

4) Using Critical Thinking Skills in Math

5) Tools and Tips for Critical Thinking

6) Introduction to Assessments

7) Types of Assessments

8) The Importance of Student Assessment

9) What to do after an Assessment is done.

Training in Action


Thanks, Pierre for your dedicated work training teachers in Haiti.

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